Danny Sterer – “Let You Go”

Danny Sterer, a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer, releases his very first single “Let You Go” as a one man show ready to show the world his passion for music and evolving musical skills.

Originally from Israel and now residing in Denver, CO where he’s studying mechanical engineering, music appears to come naturally for Sterer as it fuels his musical expressions.

“Let You Go” flows with a distinct Rock and indie sound which was completely filmed and produced in his room. His soulful vocals display his truth on the heartache experienced in a beautiful, smooth way with the guitar strumming along in the background.

The music video is portrayed in a clever and unique way that keeps you hooked on finding out what happens after each scene. He places small figurines made out paper onto a journal to depict the love story between the main character and his partner. As the story unfolds, we get a sneak peek into the heartache and pain.

If you enjoyed this relatable and enjoyable new single from Danny Sterer, make sure to follow him online to discover more music releases coming in the future! “Let You Go” is a clear indication that he’ll be going far in the music industry as an independent musician!


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