DariusThaSagittarius – “HANDS OF TiME”

DariusThaSagittarius integrates his passion for music, social justice, astrology and world religions to challenge his listeners to expand their consciousness beyond societal norms.

His newest single “HANDS OF TiME” perfectly depicts how change is all dependent on us and on how we use our time since this is something gives us the chance to create the kind of change we want to see in our country. He includes the musical styles of his influences such as the legends Erykah Badu, Tyler, the Creator, Andre 3000, and Biggie to build up his own old-school style with a new, bass-heavy trap sound.

The music video gives tribute to all of the protests and injustices experienced in 2020 with lyrics encouraging listeners to find a way to grow together while letting go of all the fear that has been imposed on us. He vividly shows how the country has been in turmoil but brings in the perfect opportunity to come together to make a better future for everyone.

DariusThaSagittarius is also the co-founder of the Houston based hip-hop collective HOUliGANZ, who have released their own catalog of music including “When Tha Time’s Right” and “Come N’ Geaux.” They encourage a safe space for young black creatives to grow together without any judgment or oppression.

Stream “HANDS OF TiME” on all streaming platforms today!


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