Darshae Kiér – “Translation”

Miami’s very own pop artist, Darshae Kiér, brings the flavor in his latest single “Translation.”

Kiér’s sound may remind listeners of Prince, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, as he recalls them as some of his biggest inspirations. His goal with his music is to offer everyone a sense of hope, inspiration, and positivity while also astonishing listeners.

He’s doing just that with the single “Translation.” Kiér sings about being mesmerized by a mysterious woman’s words, dance moves and elegance. They come together at the end of the song, resulting in fireworks for the artist.

The song is incredibly catchy. Detailing a story of a newfound, exciting relationship, Kiér doesn’t leave any thought or detail out. His lyricism is a clear indication of how well put together he is about the rythm, lyrics, and story placed altogether. This pop anthem is a hard one to forget.

Using a Reggaeton beat in the background, his vocals seem to never clash with the quick pace beats overpowering the song. Darshae Kiér singing style is instantly distinctive, which adds plenty of room for the artist to shine throughout the song. Who knows, it may show up the next time you’re out at a trendy bar or club.

Undoubtedly, “Translation” is one of those songs that at the very beginning, will have you already dancing and pulling everyone out onto the dance floor. We’re definitely looking forward to his future releases. If you haven’t already, listen to “Translation” below:

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