David R Blessed – “Keep it One 100”

David R Blessed is an India (Mumbai) based Artist and Producer jumping at the opportunity to share his music with the world. His latest track “Keep it One 100” is a beautiful reminder to stay truthful about everything in life while in a relationship.

He confidently expresses his regrets learned over time with a gentle flow of the guitar and beats creating a production. Produced right from his bedroom studio, David R Blessed writes, records, produces, and mixes all of his music releases. It’s difficult to tell that this has been made right in his bedroom with how simplistically appealing it all sounds.

“Keep it One 100” is definitely worth more than one listen. Stream “Keep it One 100” everywhere:

He’s not only creating music that matters to him, he’s pursuing his dreams on a larger scale to make this his full-time career and follow his desire to create music that impacts the world! Make sure to follow him online to keep up with his journey:


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