Dejhare – “Do What You Gotta Do”

Singer-songwriter Dejhare illuminates the gloomy year we’ve experienced in 2020 with the release of her Pop-Dance inspired single “Do What You Gotta Do.” 

Described as a dreamer, she reaffirms how a conscious, supportive environment is possible through the power of music and being honest with how we feel about the events of the year. Dejhare finds music to be a piece of art that can start off as an empty canvas ready to explode with ideas and a variety of perspectives that can easily intertwine into a masterpiece completed by the soothing, inexplicably enjoyable sounds of music. She aspires to create music that shares her life stories with the world while sharing a piece of her happiness as well as the hopes, dreams, memories, joys and frustrations found deep within our societies. Finding a common ground with listeners all over the world, Dejhare introduces listeners to her world with the release of “Do What You Gotta Do.”

The new single”Do What You Gotta Do” describes the difficult moments felt throughout the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As we find ourselves reminiscing on what we experienced and how we were able to slowly overcome the difficulties, she spreads a positive outlook on how keeping a hopeful approach can help us moving forward.

Its powerful message is spread through the indulging sounds of Pop-Dance synths intertwining with a lyrically relevant narrative and refreshingly uplifting vocals. It opens up the door for an energetic hook that makes sure to lift the mood of any situation. She speaks directly to the audience in an attempt to place herself in the rooms of her listeners to remind us that we’re never alone. As an innovative rising artist putting her craft at the center of her life experiences, she’s able to spread a strong sense of joy with her words.

The single opens with a somber cry over everything that’s happened so far while also encouraging listeners to be careful everywhere they go. Doing what we need to do during these times will be the only way to beat what is going on all over the world. Wear your mask, share a moment of kindness, and keep your hope high that better times are coming along. Find the lyric music video down below and “Do What You Gotta Do” on all streaming platforms. The visuals display a figurine dancing along to the upbeat single while keeping a stress-free environment despite all of the challenges coming along. It inspires viewers to get up for the few minutes of the song while dancing along.

Dejhare is creating a distinctive sound that is connecting with listeners on a deeper level while encouraging moments of happiness where we can all let loose and forget our problems for a while. Share this single with someone today! If you enjoyed this release, make sure to take a look at her previously released album D7 on Spotify and all streaming platforms!


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