Dejhare Releases Emotional, Raw Album “Unbreakable”

Singer-songwriter Dejhare releases her first album Unbreakable with twelve-tracks bound to help us forget our sorrows for a while and reminiscing with her over true love, our life experiences, and “unbreakable” stories.

To build anticipation, Dejhare shared tons of music videos over the summer for almost all of the songs on Unbreakable. Dejhare makes sure to share her creativity and self-expression in her videos as she uses music as a canvas where she has the opportunity to draw her reality.

She uses her experiences and life stories to paint a picture of the dreams, longings, memories and joys that we all share.All the songs on Unbreakable were written and produced by Dejhare, and co-written and co-produced with Robert Berry to assemble a work of art combining a variety of sounds and a refreshing new outlook of the pop music world.

“My songs are deeply expressive of personal experiences, dreams, and feelings, and the universality of these emotions,” said Dejhare. “In this album, my approach was to be as open and unrestricted as possible to best enrich my emotions with music.”

Dejhare hopes to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level. She believes that music can unite us, heal us, and bring a voice to us all. We can find common ground in a world that can be so cruel and divisive.

All tracks on this album are distinctive. They carry many emotions that fully invested listeners can identify with and feel heard. After listening to the entire album, very quickly, “Trust My Love,” “No More Games,”Time Is Everything,” and “What Is Love” became our favorites!

Speaking about the singles, Dejhare said, “Both tracks “What Is Love” and “Trust My Love” have different vibe and style of music. “What Is Love?’ leans more towards the 80s dance and Motown theme while “Trust My Love” is more of an upbeat pop song with some twist of complex rhythm and metric variation to it.”

She continues, “And this mix of sounds and inspirations is exactly what listeners can expect from my album. Generally, like these two songs, my album is musically rich and diverse, and very honest. This can be felt in the 2 first singles.”

Titled after the album, the final track “Unbreakable” is ear-catching with smooth transitions that slowly grow on you as the rhythm and lyrics progress. The lyrics as the tempo rises and song reaches its climax will touch your heart as listeners listen to this heartwarming love anthem.

The music video itself holds a special place for fans who anticipate creative and inspiring music videos from Dejhare. She uses a bright red light, black and white effects, and a wind blowing machine to glow graciously as she stands there serenating her lover from start to finish.

“The “Unbreakable” album strongly reflects who I am – my sound, my ideas, and even my feelings,” Dejhare said in an interview. “It has a bit of every flavor and various vibes including pop, jazz, soft rock, retro, dance and Motown among others. Listeners can expect a variety of sounds, a variety of ideas, and the depth and honesty that identifies all my songs.”

Listen to the full album Unbreakable below and remember to check out all the music videos for her songs on Youtube!

Keep up with Dejhare on Instagram, her official website, and all streaming platforms!

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