Deonix ft. Video 4.0 – “Dirty Spprite”

Up and coming artist and producer, Deonix, collaborates with content creators Video 4.0 on “Dirty Spprite,” their latest single filled with stimulating background beats that has the power to hype up their listeners from the start to the final note.

The almost too short one minute and forty second track shows you what this 15-year-old up and coming artist is capable of creating. As soon as the first beat drops, the track becomes a hype song with gentle, repetitive sounds that are difficult to get tired of and can get stuck in your head hours after first listening to it.

Everything about “Dirty Spprite” just flows right. There isn’t a dull moment as his words hit the beat at each precise moment for full effect. There’s a distict flow coming from the lyrics and also the slow paced, simple beat as the track continues and the beats carry the entire thing.

For Deonix’s first released single, he put tremendious detail and care into releasing something he would be proud of and want to share with the world. Make sure to listen to Deonix’s “Dirty Spprite” right here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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