Derek Spill – “Alive”

Derek Spill dives into his latest release “Alive,” a story of love and its ability to bring someone from an emotionally unstable place in life into a loving state of being!

The Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, producer, and visual artist blends elements of gothic and alternative rock with contemporary electronic sounds to create songs that instantly hit us right in the feelings. Its themes of melancholy, introspection, sexuality and tragic romance connects with us in a deeper level that is easy to get into.

Spill pours his heart into this new single jam-packed with loving vibes and accompanying visuals that will make you appreciate love even more. Get yourself lost in this new single and share it with someone special this year!

Created in his home studio in Whitby, Ontario, “Alive” continues Spill’s exploration of enticing and powerful new sounds that attracts new listeners from all walks of life.

With over 174,000+ Spotify plays to date, Derek Spill is defiitely making his way to more and more listeners per day. After listening to “Alive,” make sure to keep an eye out for his forthcoming album coming later this year!


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