Desert Rain Project – “Come to Me”

Expect nothing but greatness when Desert Rain Project comes around with a new song! The studio band filled with talent from both the UK and South Africa relies on the power of a punchy rock guitar, loud drums and soaring vocal choruses to connect with their audiences and spread their message of Jesus and His gospel.

Written by Christopher Harris-Dewey (Songwriting, acoustic guitar and lead vocals) and produced by Markus Els (Producer, electric guitar), “Come to Me” slightly differs from their signature sound.

The track is slowed down into a peaceful and gentle song with Simone Els joining in with her atmospheric background vocals. Visually, the music video shows appreciation for everything in nature from the trees to the streams of water, and floor we get to walk on.

“Come to Me” is inviting and a simple indication of how Desert Rain Project’s mesmerizing music can touch so many lives.

“Come to Me” follows the release of their popular singles “God So Loved The World,” “Sunshine,” “Free,” and “Holy Huddle.”

While in quarantine, this fifth release since November 2019 is just another major step of an exciting musical journey for Desert Rain Project. Check out the rest of their music on Spotify and keep up with them online to be the first to find out about their upcoming single releases!


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