Devin Sunshine Prepares To Release Debut Album “Runaway”

Los Angeles rapper, singer and producer, Devin Sunshine, prepares to release her debut album release Runaway in late January after sharing a collection of self discovery songs on her EP, Bloom.

Her latest release Bloom is Devin’s third EP of 2019. The EP focuses on the theme of ‘blooming’ into oneself, while taking listeners through the ups and downs of her journey toward self discovery.

Sunshine brings a mix of light, airy vocals and blunt raps that shows her versatility when it comes to showcasing her musical talents. She produced three out of the six tracks on Bloom.

After discovering her love for rhythmic words, lyrics, and poetry, Sunshine started writingher own music at a very young age. She learned guitar at the age of 13 and would write songs acoustically, but once she was introduced to beat making, thw whole world of music changed for her. In just one year, she released three EPs, multiple singles, and a music video for a song off her latest release Bloom.

Make sure to listen to Bloom and go through the journey of self discovery with Devin Sunshine as she blooms into herself with this EP. You can find all of her music on various streaming platforms. Expect to hear an infectious track list of music on her upcoming release, Runaway.



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