Director Indigo Suave Collaborates With Musician Lulu To Display Admiration For The 70’s On “Starcaster”

Lulu instinctively finds their smooth rhythm in the emotive “Starcaster” alongside the band Orisha during the 1970’s live party event performed in 2019 in Philly. “Starcaster” creates a distinctive melody merging creativity and simplicity into the delicate song smoothed over by his sensual vocals.

The director and producer Indigo Suave creates an introspective view into the 1970s with the artistic direction of partygoers dressed in clothing from the ’70s as well as the enriching musical performance of “Starcaster” keeping the elated guests on the dance floor.

With a strong desire to share his creativity with anyone who would listen, Indigo Suave set out into the world with his own camera in hand and the development of A Suave Production back in 2018. Just like that, the rest is history.

The music video features the vibrant hues of purple, pink, and blue as the scenes fade in and out from the dancers to the Maryland-based musician. The presentation of the band on stage puts viewers at the forefront of the laid-back club where dancers freely express themselves. It sets the tone for an overall enjoyable experience.

“Starcaster” presents the diverse taste in sounds fueled by the emotions found in the lyrics and completed by a visually appealing video. Take a moment to check out the music video on Youtube!


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