Dirt Track Racer – “Something’s Gotta Give”

Hailing from Southeastern Pennsylvania, Dirt Track Racer returns with their sophomore album, Something’s Gotta Give.

This is Dirt Track Racer’s first album since the release of their debut album, Kick Off Your Muddy Boots, in 2014. Their latest album Something’s Gotta Give includes twelve songs geared towards fans of the Americana, country blues, folk, country, jazz, and latin music genres. Of the 12 songs eight of them are originals from songwriter, guitarist, mandolinist and vocalist Geoff Hansplant. The four others are covers woven together to fit their sound.

The opening track “Something’s Gotta Give,” is driven by an influence in the Americana genre while also featuring a seven part harmony vocal by Julie and Geoff’s electric lead guitar. Together, they create a instrumentally fun and laidback track about losing a relationship due to internal issues and not blaming him for running away as fast as he could.

“He’s In The Jailhouse Now” and “Police Dog Blues” stick to inspired renditions of the Country Blues genre with powerful vocals highlighting their entertaining songwriting skills. “Things I Should Have Said” and “What The Heart Wants” showcase the band’s ability to produce classic rock music. They create a calming effect with memorable instrumentals and breathtaking vocals in both songs.

Throughout the album there’s an evident theme of loss or expecting some sort of loss in their lives. Each song opens up a new page from their journal with a range of instrumentals, vocals, and sounds that attract a variety of listeners. Something’s Gotta Give definitely turned us into fans!

For anybody interested in learning to study music, members ofDirt Track Racer teach in the Philadelphia, Pa. area. To book a class, visit the Cappella School of Music website where Geoff, Julie and Paul are teachers. For more information, look through their website: www.cappellaschoolofmusic.com


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