DJ Hasan – “Majestic”

Get ready to party the night away with DJ Hasan! His latest single “Majestic” instantly jumps out within the Organ House music scene as its serene rhythms, tranquil female vocals, and upbeat beats blend into a sweet flowing song perfect for any occasion.

“Majestic” is part of this United Kingdom-based music producer and DJ’s debut EP release Elegant But Rude. It’s a collection of four songs expressing his craft as a producer in the music industry and relatability through fun, diverse singles.

Music is a way for us to connect and find our way through this world. “Majestic” is just one of those songs that can instantly put you in a good mood and will stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

The official music video shows beautiful women on a large island enjoying the warm weather and the waves of the beach flowing along with the wind. The song and music video display an overall sense of calmness and feeling “Majestic” as the day goes on.

Check out Elegant But Rude and “Majestic” on all music streaming platforms including Spotify, and Apple Music. Get ready for more bangers coming from DJ Hasan!


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