DJ TROTSKY – “Maybe This Is The Time”

DJ TROTSKY releases an energetic, Pop-Rock single “Maybe This Is The Time,” which fulfill listeners with soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics about love.

The Los Angeles, CA based songwriter, producer and mixer creates an emotionally driven. authentic single with harmonically rich Pop, Electronic, Rock and Alternative sounds. His love for music has helped him reach new heights as he’s DJ-ed exclusive parties in popular party venues in Bali, Thailand, Ibiza, and Estonia. As well as a Grammy nominated music-video producer and award-winning filmmaker, DJ TROTSKY has left his mark in the Entertainment Industry and continues to educate others climbing the musical ladder themselves.

His latest single “Maybe This Is The Time” appears as an optimistic love song about wanting to meet someone special with retalable lyrics perfect for sharing on Valentine’s Day. DJ TROTSKY mentions, “It’s that story of the guy who falls in love with the girl across the room, and eventually has to make the brave walk to meet her.”

His passionate yet playful vocals and entertaining guitar riffs make way for an enjoyable single that also showcases his natural songwriting abilities to produce a captivating story that instantly creates tons of imagery in the listener’s minds. The lyric music video also sticks with his sense of creativity as the popping colors appear throughout the entire song.

Make sure to listen to “Maybe This Is The Time” to familiarize yourself with this multi-talented icon in the music industry and stay tuned for more music in the future!

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