DJ Trouble Trev – “The Deep End”

Released as two separate parts of a single project, DJ Trouble Trev premieres the second half of “The Set it off Project.” The newest track, “The Deep End” becomes exactly what the 10 minute supertrack needed with supernatural, engaging and captivating visuals.

The 4-minute vibrant music video accompanies a smooth party track that everyone can enjoy! There’s a mix of content of people dancing from concerts to the top of a building roof, a huge disco ball, and people living their everyday lives.

In a way, the deep end can be the end of an era in someone’s life. They get used to living their usual life that when the opportunity comes to let loose comes along, they take full advantage. “The Deep End” is telling listeners to come along fo tht ejourney and enjoy your life, this isn’t the deep end of your life.

Following “Set It Off,” this single slows down the pace to take listeners from an amped up state to a more relaxed feeling while they come off the uptempo high into a beat-dropping yet chill vibe. Both singles put together complement one another as any two-track single should with a range of emotion evoking beats and lyrics.

Listen as you watch the visuals to “The Deep End” down below then let us know your thoughts! Do you feel the change in vibrations as you hear both singles separately and altogether?

Click HERE to listen to the full DJ Trouble Trev 10 minute supertrack “The Set it off Project” on any music streaming platform!

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