Dolo Spears Remains Honest In New Release “Tru Colors”

Dolo Spears displays how putting your heart into something so important to you will always come out as an incredible creation with the release of his album Tru Colors.

The independent artist and producer based out of Chicago sets himself apart as someone who aims to always be honest in his music. It’s something listeners can appreciate as he expresses his emotions and experiences from the open “Fear or Love?” breaking down the way people use love in a way that benefits them to the second to last track “Smile,” inspiring listeners to take some time to be grateful for what they have in life.

“This is really special to me because it taught me a lot about myself,” he mentions in an Instagram post. “When I sit down and write lyrics I always have a general direction where I want to go but I kinda just let my pen be my compass and just let it flow… Since day one this music has been my therapy.”

Love him or hate him, Dolo Spears is leaving it all on the table. Tru Colors was produced and written by Dolo Spears. Check it out down below and let us know which track is your favorite!

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