Don Barclay – “Breathe”

Scottish sensation Don Barclay embraces a postive mindset and making the decision to move forward in life regardless of the difficult moments that come to the surface in his newest single “Breathe.”

Don Barclay vividly portrays an image in our minds of a distinctive individual changing their life around in order to become a better person and partner. His innate storytelling abilities instantly pull us closer to his effortless, raw talent. His sound takes influence from artists such as James Gillespie, Adam French, Dermot Kennedy, Ben Howard and MILKK to encapsulate this classic indie-folk tune in a soulful, stripped back style filled with dreamy vocals and twangy instrumentals.

“I think I’m gonna love more/ I’m gonna wear my heart on my sleeve/ I’m gonna be there/ Before this all gets to me” he sings in the chorus about choosing to be more present with his partner.

Speaking on the release, he says: “It is about the journey of 2 people who are meant to be together and the power of strength and honesty. I struggle to see the positives in some situations and this song is about ripping away my negative attitude to love and being in the moment to be happy together and be the best partner I can be.”

Don’s fearless approach to music is evident with uplifting lyrics and a range of musical sounds intertwined into one. With the release of “Breathe,” he leaves us aching to make a move towards anything that will help us move forward in life. When one door closes, keep an eye out for the next opportunity that will be better equipped for you but overall, don’t ever give up on yourself!

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