Don Drago Creates A Powerful Blend Of Rap And Rock In EP “Dragon Hymns”

Hip Hop artist Don Drago follows the release of his first two new singles “Closet” and “The Don” with Dragon Hymns, a 3-song EP with a powerful blend of rap and rock that placed together create a style all of his own.

Don Drago aka Jesse Piedra aka The Dark Prince, is a Costa Rican American music artist who is known for combining both aggressive lyrics with melodic hooks in his songs. His songs are a mixture of real life experiences and emotions that he’s taken the years to realize and slowly put into words.

He started rapping and writing lyrics at the age of 10 years old when he discovered it was a positive outlet for getting his feelings and frustrations out during a time period where he was getting picked on a lot. “It was almost as if rapping and writing was my way of fighting back against everything that was wrong with the world for me and gave me a sense of power,”  Don Drago said in an interview.

He continues, “Music became my passion and eventually became my business. And as I continue through this journey we call life I just feel like I give me something to leave behind and tell my story.”

Dragon Hymns contains three songs featuring fellow artists Melodic, Lumenate and Sh3 as they join forces to navigate the cold world of growing up and facing the real world. Each individual artist brings a unique perspective in their corresponding songs.

The title Dragon Hymns originates from the idea that we all have a dragon spirit sleeping inside of us. Once awoken, the energy of our inner dragon can be used to accomplish things greater then we have ever imagined. Featuring a dark melodic feel to it, the EP captures what it’s like to be an artist today while discussing things that he’s personally experienced.

The visuals of the EP cover are out of this world with the blue dragon and flames exhibiting a powerful yet mysterious ending. Looking at the album, it’s uncertain what the sound will be like but it definitely doesn’t disappoint. A big shoutout to Below Zero Design for taking the idea from their minds into this piece of art.

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??⏳ So I’ve been quietly working on a new project called (Dragon Hymns) EP ~ which will be releasing on all platforms January 3rd 2020‼️ This project is definitely going to be the best one yet… and will feature a lot of dope artists like @sh3official & @little.buddha.tho !! ? I’m beyond excited to cement my name in this hip hop game and finally get the respect I deserve for being a world class Artist. ? I also want to take this time to thank all of my fans and supporters for always standing with me and continuing to buy and stream my music… It means a lot and all of you are appreciated!! ? Also thank you to my beautiful and creative genius of a girlfriend @_sara.elizabeth ❤️and @belowzerodesign for giving Me an Iconic cover and bringing my vision to life!! And @ether.unlimited for engineering this entire project ✊? Dragon Hymns coming soon ‼️‼️#dondrago #dragonmademusic #tampamusic #independentartist #indierap #upcomingartist #orlandomusicscene #music #artist #hiphopblog #musiciansofinstagram #instamusicians #realartist #realart #dragon

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“Level Up” ft. Melodic is honestly one of the best tracks on the EP. Don Drago knows he needs to level up to reach higher success and live the life he’s always imagined. The tracks ends with some of the realest lyrics in the EP with advice about using those forces in our lives to pursue something better for ourselves.

“Level up one time for my bros on the other side/ living down below/ two times for the bitches in my school that was hating on me/ saying that I’ll never blow/ a lot of third times for the voices that I can’t get away from me/ telling me to kill them all,” Don Drago sings in the end against a fading beat that we wish would just continue playing on and on.

“Moonlight” ft. Lumenate showcases the emotions that come after realizing you must continue on your own path and light your way. Nobody else can do this life for you and it’s up to you to make your dreams come true. Lumenate raps about all the adversities he experienced before reaching success and not letting anything stop him from chasing greatness.

From start to finish, “Moonlight” is a dark yet motivational track set to inspire you to take action in your life and never give up on yourself. The background beats flow well with their vocals. And although “this pain will never die,” we have the power to control how we live our lives.

The single “Insomnia” ft. Sh3 discusses that difficult feeling of staying up all night because of insomnia and not being able to shake it off. All the thoughts in his head are overpowering and making it difficult to lay his head down. Sh3’s vocals adds an extra layer of affirmation to this gentle, smooth track.

Once the beat drops, Don Drago’s voice takes off with a confident aura flowing all around him. He knows he needs to make a change and not let the thought overpower him. Well, he’s here with a message to get ready cause he’s coming to face his fears.

All three singles thrive on their distinctive collaboration, hooks, and background tempos. Don Drago put together three songs that display his life experiences with enjoyable music alongside to help him tell his story. Dragon Hymns is just the beginning for this young artist and you’ll definitely want to stick around and see how his future unfolds!

As a side hustle from creating music full time, Don Drago also sells his own merchandise with items ranging from $30 to $35. There are shirts and hats available for purchase on his website. You can check out his merch line and support his music right here!

To rising artists, Don Drago leaves this message: “I remember having no car, no money and sleeping on my mom’s couch after leaving my job to try and do music full time. I fell flat on my face!” He said. “I did learn a lot about myself from sitting there on rock bottom, and one of the things I learned is that my greatest attribute is my ability to be Relentless and never quit.”

He continues, “Make sure this is really what you want, and if it is dedicating your whole self to studying and learning the game. Also not just the music part but also the business part and build a team around you and stay committed.”

Take some time and listen to Don Drago’s three-song EP Dragon Hymns. Hip Hop, Rap and Rock fans will be mesmerized by a combination that flows smoothly and has the ability to reach many young listeners to give them sound advice and guidance on life.


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