Don Pasquale Ferone Artista – “Certezza”

Italian singer-songwriter Don Pasquale Ferone Artista releases a powerfully inviting new Christian album, Certezza, which further aligns with his religious beliefs and love for music.

He is the parish priest in the province and suburbs of Naples who has always held a strong passion for the guitar since his early childhood days when he first picked up the skill at the age of 15. In the past few years he’s released his own solo music including four albums Certezza in 2017, Confidenza in 2018, Come Rock in 2019, The Gift of Life in 2020, and Fidelity in 2020.

His latest album Certezza is filled with songs capturing the adoration of evangelization and maintaining the faith in our daily lives. He embraces his love for the musical genres including Blues, Rock, Country, and Christian inspired music in all of his creations.

Each song on Certezza features a positive, energetic rhythm with beautiful musical harmonies and lyrics embracing his spiritual journey. The talented singer-songwriter is connecting with Christian music lovers from his home base in Italy while spreading his love for the church.

Find Certezza and all of his other album releases on all streaming platforms right here!


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