Donna Missal Releases New Break-Up Anthem “You Burned Me”

Debuting an unfamiliar, new sound, Donna Missal releases the break-up anthem “You Burned Me” that’s meant to help deal with the recent heartache.

Along with the single, she released a lyric video showing the This Time artist walking through abandoned streets and white smoke rising behind her. She ends up letting that person know, “I’ve been looking for reasons/ Not to feel what I’m feeling tonight/ But baby, you burned me/ You burned me for the last time.”

Speaking with Billboard, Missal says, “The song is about getting your heart broken, but even more about what you can make of that. Rising from the ashes of shit burning down around you. It’s meant to feel like freedom.”

Currently on tour with Lewis Capaldi on his European tour, Missal is excited to share her new music with the audience. “You really don’t know how your music will translate until you’re out there playing it for people and I’m excited to learn and grow and get better at what I do,” she says.

Have you watched the lyric video for “You Burned Me?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Donna Missal Releases New Break-Up Anthem “You Burned Me”

  1. Dealing with heartaches is sometimes easier said than done. I’ve watched the music video and I can say I can relate to this as I’ve just survived a recent heartbreak with my girlfriend who turned out pregnant with another guy. The story in the music is almost similar to what happened to me although I’m the boy and with Donna Missal’s song, she’s talking about the girl’s feelings. Such a piece of touching music and I will be tuning in for more!

    1. I’m very sorry to hear that! Hope you’re able to find someone who’s meant for you and treats you right. Donna Missal’s music is honestly for everyone – that’s why I love hearing her songs. 

  2. Hi Evelin ! Music is a huge part of my life. I’ve composed my own song and wrote the lyrics with my guitar, and for me the lyrics of a song are very important. I didn’t know this artist, but thanks to you I discovered it today. This really enjoyed listening to this song. There is a lot of meaning in this song. Thank you again for sharing that with everyone. 

  3. Very nice!  Although I am not familiar with this genre of music and not even sure how to categorize it, I like it, the beat and video very artistic…I certainly enjoyed it and was able to understand the lyrics in a world where music is just loud noise. 

    Although the topic was sad, i.e., a breakup/brokenheart, it was good to listen to something that normally happens in first loves and relationships…”relationships” have become absolutely crazy and abnormal that it’s amazing when music of this nature can be sung!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I do believe she did it in a way that people can relate to and enjoy even if they’re not going through the same situation.

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