Dricka Brings Out “Mama” Music Video

Growing up is no picnic. And while the world has changed and continues to change, through the ages, one thing remains true – that no one really cares about the struggles a young person goes through, and they often go unappreciated and unsung.

Except that’s no longer the case with Dricka’s latest hit single, appropriately entitled “Mama”. The cry of a child, although there’s nothing childish about the song itself. A letter of farewell and affirmation, “Mama” is Dricka’s way of showing the world she stands on her own two feet now and that she can handle whatever curveball life might throw at her.

And this young artist is no stranger to curveballs. Raised by her grandmother, as her parents spent a fair amount of her youth in and out of jail, Dricka took an early liking to music. But that had to take a backseat for a while, when she gave birth to her first child, aged only 21. Still, instead of letting these experiences bring her down, she has come out stronger each time, and even more determined to pursue her one true passion – music.

And “Mama” is a testament to that, to this inherent resilience that has allowed her not only to survive her difficulties, but to grow from each one and become stronger, and more determined to follow her dreams.

“Mama” is a beautiful piece, with a melodic rhythm. It’s very catchy, and skillfully combines multiple music genres: rap, soul, R&B and some slight hints of pop, perhaps due to her beautiful, light voice. This clever combination of multiple genres makes it easy for pretty much anyone to like Dricka.

You don’t have to be a rap lover to appreciate Dricka’s fine voice and her expressive lyrics, you just have to like good music. “Mama” is the sort of song that speaks to anyone, on some level. It has just the right mix of personal information and feeling, and just enough general vibe to be universally appreciated for what it is: a thoroughly good song.

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