Drifting – Binary Drift

Singer-songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren, widely known as Binary Drift, uses his latest release “Drifting” to let you know “our better days are yet to come.”

In 2017, he met with Spanish producer Josemi Sánchez to discuss music. By the end of the conversation, what formed was the 12-track album Pocket Tunes, a simplistic way of reminding you of the music you have available directly in your cell phones.

Listen to your “pocket tunes” and forget about all the worries in the world.

In a press release, Binary Drift says, “Pocket Tunes explores different genres from brit-pop, bossa nova, different genres from brit-pop, bossa nova, disco, and rock. It’s disco, and rock. It’s an honest effort and I hope people enjoy it. an honest effort and I hope people enjoy it. The joy that these songs can bring about is theirs to keep.”

“Drifting” is a pure reflection of that. Not only can you sense Maroon 5 or John Mayer in his voice and beats, but Binary Drift has a unique sense of direction as he courses through “Drifting.” He mentions a lost relationship and wanting to have it back.

The track is accompanied with a lyric video you can see down below:

The funky, guitar solo in the middle of the song is completely unexpected, much like how Binary Drift likes to make his music. Most of the album even came unexpectedly, which he mentions he enjoyed the feeling of the words coming as pure magic.

Give this song “Drifting” a listen, it may just become your new favorite song to add to your road trip playlists.

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