Dubgee – “Let The Music Heal Me”

Dubgee, a rapper, producer, beat maker, and label owner from Vancouver, Canada shows off his best life while on vacation in Cuba in his music video for “Let The Music Heal Me” featuring Tiago Vasquez.

His latest single released off his label, Beast Van Records comes after his debut EP Back on the Grind. His most recent EP release Truth is available now with impeccable songwriting lyrics about being a dad and a blue collar worker.

Back when Dubgee was in his school’s band, the access he had to brand new synths and keyboards with built in sequencers inspired his love for making hip hop beats. “Let The Music Heal Me” captures those pieces of instrumentals with an uplifting vibe perfect for fans of authentic hip hop with a mix of soul.

“I really wanted to flip the script and talk about what makes music special to all of us. When we sing in the shower or dance like nobody is watching, we are really taking a small opportunity to fill our being with something that makes us feel good about ourselves,” Dubgee said about “Let the Music Heal Me.”

With positivity surrounding the entirety of the song, the lyrics provide a cheerful message saying that you should live your life like no one is watching! Stay tuned as Dubgee releases new music in 2020 and continues to leave his mark on the Hip Hop world with his record label!


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