Dylan Joseph – “Bonfires, Beers & The Boys”

Inspired by an influential jam session with a friend who came back from overseas, Dylan Joseph penned “Bonfires, Beers & The Boys” as a reminder of how hanging out with good friends can be an uplifting thing and bring people together.

“We wrote this at the location where my family lost our home in the wildfires that happened, and this song is really all about having a good time. Being with good friends is all you need!” Dylan Joseph mentions.

The music video shows nothing but good vibes as Dylan Joseph hangs out with his buddies by a bonfire and drinking beer. They all enjoy their time together singing along to the catchy lyrics and going with the flow of the night with great friends. With over 500,000 views accumulated since its release earlier this month, “Bonfires, Beers & The Boys” proves to be a hit with Country fans all over the world.

Dylan Joseph is just getting started in the Country music scene. “Bonfires, Beers & The Boys” is the kind of song you’d want to play next time you have a backyard party going. Follow him online to find his upcoming releases:


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