Dylan Joshua – “can’t stay”

Dylan Joshua proves how the power of the end of a relationship can change both parties in his newest single “can’t stay.” The story of heartbreak unfolds in the black and white style lyric video portraying a lost car making its way through the distinctive memories of the connection.

Creating music through the lens of V&B, meaning vibes and blues, Dylan Joshua balances the laidback and dreamy vibes on “can’t stay” as he paints a vivid image of a couple finding their way through a solid relationship. He stays honest about how his emotions have played a huge role in the end of the connection while taking us through a lyrical journey full of honesty, streams of conciousness, and mellow beats.

“can’t stay” comes after the release of his smooth five-track EP hologramº with penned songs giving off confident stories flowing on a synth, blues kind of vibe. His storytelling skills bind together a short yet intriguing blend of lyrics and vivid beats that easily connects listeners with his stories.

Hailing from Toronto, the self-taught songwriter and producer is letting out all of the emotions kept hidden for so long. He portrays his artistic vision in a way that attracts listeners with his distorted vocals and at ease instrumentals. Music is an outlet that allows him to get his thoughts out in the open while opening up about issues that others can relate with when they hear him sing.

His authentic style is one of the many reasons his EP hologramº continues to capture our attention, already gaining over 1 million streams since its release this year. “can’t stay” is one of the many reasons to stay and replay his music over and over again.


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