Earl Donald – “Birds of Paradise”

As part of his latest EP, A Lighter World, “Birds of Paradise” is the lead single on the EP that signals a moment of growth while accepting the changes that come into our lives.

Toronto resident, Earl Donald, revs up the laid-back minimalist sound infused with melodic vocals from his first EP Where You KnowYourself from 2018 to channel his emotions into a newer sound. Being in a new location such as Toronto brought about new feelings of relocating and being new to a different area.

“Birds of Paradise” is perfect for eveeryone.

With enthralling lyrics like “I feel, this coming now/ I know, those times that we/ Chose ourselves and feeling free/ Don’t lose sight of me/ Because youth fades fast and so do we,” Earl Donald gives a sense of a future slowly coming together yet also at a blink of an eye.

As the changes continue, it gets so easy to lose sight of what’s important and enjoying the moments together. Listening to the sound mixed with the nostalgic lyrics gives listeners a chance to think about life with fresh eyes.

Listen to “Birds of Paradise” right here and make sure to follow Earl Donald on all social media accounts! You won’t want to miss what 2020 has in store for him!


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