Earl Gray Collective – “Raindrops”

Suppressing our emotions can be an easy way to fall victim to the painful cycles of not fully feeling what comes to the surface. The Earl Gray Collective releases their newest single “Raindrops,” highlighting how these emotions can take a toll on anyone’s life if they’re not released.

“Raindrops” is an honest attempt to express the painful journey of finding the power to forgive others, even when they’ve seriously hurt you,” Will mentions. “I have a bad habit of holding in my emotions. This song was written to remind me that to be healthy I needed to find ways to express my pain to others and to God in order to forgive.”

The dreamy single thrives on the smooth piano melody, soft percussion, passionate electric guitar embraced by the soulful, emotive vocals perfectly diving into the emotional healing needed to move on in life. Embracing every teardrop that comes into fruition, The Earl Gray Collective maintains their honesty as they share their sounds influenced by the likes of Jamie Cullum, John Mayer, Amber Run, Matt Corby, Paramore, and many more.

The single is also included on their four-track EP Teach Me How To Love featuring their “soul-baring raw vocal performance.”

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