Elina Laivera – Alchemy

Appearing in her debut solo album, Alchemy helps Elina Laivera deal with heartbreak that made her question her self worth, learn to set boundaries, and discover forgiveness and self love.

Speaking about the album, Laivera said, “It’s like I needed to tell my story before I let go so that others who have been abused or betrayed by someone they cared about know that they are not alone and actually healing is more ​than possible.”

As an experienced professional in the music industry, her mesmerizing voice has taken her to beautiful spaces we can only imagine. In Alchemy, every word sounds like a page from a diary where Laivera allowed her voice to be heard and understood.

Songs like “Alchemy” take us through the journey of her breakup, yet it’s not a sad breakup song, she reclaims her life and feels empowered as the beats speed us with each note-hitting vocal from Laivera.   The album follows a sequence, something that many artists don’t implement in their track lists. Things only get better as the album progresses. She finds herself in “You Lost Me”, realizes her self worth in “I Didn’t Die”, and follows her heart in the calming guitar rhythm-infused song, “Exit Theme.”

“Breakups are undeniably such transformational experiences and you are anyways never going to be the same again so it’s up to you to decide who you are becoming after all this,” she continues.

If you’re a fan of the album, consider purchasing Elina Laivera’s lyric book with the lyrics of all 9 songs. She posted on Instagram her excitement for the release and how eager she is to share it with everyone.

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