ELLiS·D – “Puppeteering”

Emerging indie soul artist ELLiS·D discusses the relevant emotions we feel due to staying at home during this worldwide lockdown that brought many differing feelings for everyone.

ELLiS·D sings to his loyal fanbase about these fears, hopes and melancholic emotions felt worldwide in his newest release, “Puppeteering.” In the music video, he shows how one long day indoors can bring on overwhelming feelings of isolation, boredom and anxiety. It gets difficult to get up and live a regular day when there isn’t anything to look forward to indoors.

The alt-rock single features addictive guitar riffs and memorable shallow harmonies with a blend of sounds including soul, punk and indie rock for all listeners to enjoy. It flows easily from start to finish with melancholic sounds.

Check out “Puppeteering” as we reminisce all of the emotions felt during these difficult times that affected the entire world. As we begin to get back to our daily routines, these emotions will be a reminder of how we all were together in one moment in history.

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