Em – “Pathway to Aetheria”

New Jersey native Em is one singer-songwriter you’ll want to add to your playlists this week!

Em brings to life the memories of her emotional past in her newest album, Pathway to Aetheria, filled with a beautiful balance of her retro-pop influences, soothing angelic voice, and sense of calmness felt throughout the album.

Focused on leaving all her thoughts flow from her mind into her music, Pathway to Aetheria is her own personal diary that she creatively put together for the world. “Clear Is The Way” and “Anxiety” open the door for new listeners to get to know Em, a powerhouse you won’t be able to forget!

The gentle “Sorrowland” is a highlight on Pathway to Aetheria as her vibrant high vocals coincide with the light and soft beats flowing in the background. Stick around for the inspiring lyrics, airy sounds, and mystifying feelings of a brand new start in “Fly With Wings,” “Is It Enough,” “Grace,” and “Brand New.”

The final track “The Comeback” is a culmination of all the emotions felt the start to now. She powerfully takes back her power and shows it with drums playing off in the background. Every song on the album is unique and a clear representaion of how putting your all into your music can be a way to heal. Em’s Pathway to Aetheria allows others to do that as her relatable feelings jump out through each lyric.

There are so many songs on the album that speaks to us! Let us know which one if your favorite in the comments below!


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