Emcee Monte Releases Throwback Themed Single “I’m So Black” & EP “Change Gone Come”

Rapper, songwriter, producer, and activist Emcee Monte releases “I’m So Black” as the latest release from his EP Change Gone Come.

The EP and highlighted new single discusses celebrating being black in a country where the Black Lives Matter Movement is such an important part of history.

The Chicago based emcee includes a confident flow with insightful lyrics breaking down what it means to be black in America on “I’m So Black.” He goes on to tell real life stories of living the black experience while shedding light on how the fight for Civil Rights connects directly to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“I am a positive artist, my music is clean and uplifting,” Emcee Monte shares. “I feel it’s very important, now more than ever, that we use the forum and platform that we have as artists to bring positivity and progress to our community and to work toward a lasting change in perception and reality for the world as a whole.”

Listen to the full EP Change Gone Come here:


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