Enfinal Acknowledges “Wasting Time” In Stalled Connection

Enfinal discusses his inability to stop wasting time when it comes to a connection he desires in his latest single “Wasting Time.” His vulnerable lyricism intertwines with smooth instrumentals sharing his confessional message “when you tell me you hate me/ I tell you that I hate you too/ but baby I don’t mean what I say/ I just wanna see the bubbles of your text when I lay… down.”

Everything about this final production is admirable as Enfinal finds his comfort in expressing how he feels about this situation. The Armenian born prodigy living in Los Angeles finds inspiration in artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey, Sasha Sloan, Lil Peep, Lil Skies, and Drake, who all give him the creative inclination to gravitate towards music during times of grieve, heartbreak and darkness. It’s this awe-inspiring attribute that attracts his loyal followings all over the country, especially after touring for the release of his solo EP I Hate You Too.

“Wasting Time” is Enfinal’s way of turning his sorrowful journey of pain, despair, and hopelessness into soulful, catchy melodies even in a time of darkness. The upbeat synth-filled instrumentals keep listeners bobbing their heads along to the rhythm regardless of its relatable, heartbreaking storyline. Stream this single today on all streaming platforms!


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