Entropia Crafts A Deep, Euphoric Flow With His Latest EP “The Frequency”

Adelaide based up and coming producer/DJ seems to be vibrating on the highest of frequencies in 2020.

Entropias pro active attitude towards his music career has recently caught the attention of Adelaide based record label Pump and Fade records who will be releasing his latest EP The Frequency with a release date of November 27 2020.

The Frequency boasts Stevan Macesic’s ( Entropia ) love for organic sounds and tasteful approach to production. Opening track named after the Title of the EP is a euphoric sonic trip with a joyful funky bass line tastefully accompanied by a deep driving sub bass and saturated synths that really set the tone perfectly for the rest of the EP.

When asked where he draws his inspiration from Stevan replied:
“I was inspired to start producing techno and deep grooves by going to festivalsin Europe & underground boiler room style parties. This then drove me to create my own serious sound by fusing recorded guitar elements that I play, naturally recorded instruments and placing other sounds such as friends voices within my tracks to make it as unique as possible.”

Releases with the likes of Trippy Code, Trip & Emotions and Take my Space Records, Charted at #51 for a week on Beatport Techno Charts earlier this year. Regular DJ appearances at Adelaide’s Fat Controller nightclub has found himself building quite a name for himself locally, Entropia is one to keep an eye on in 2021.


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