Esthy – “Afterparty”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Esthy, is quickly emerging as someone who will leave a positive mark in the world of Pop music with her latest single, “Afterparty.” The single details a fun and exciting night with high-energy sounds and soulful vocals similar to popular artists like Rita Ora and Anne Marie.

Born in Hungary and now based in Los Angeles, Esthy first started writing songs at the age of twelve, and released her first studio EP at the age of fourteen. Esthy writes music from the heart while maintaining a fun filled vibe with captivating pop beats and catchy lyrics. If you’re lucky enough to catch Esthy at a live show, you’ll be invited in with an exhilarating and entertaining night of music.

“Afterparty” has the power to capture your attention instantly. The pop of colors in the music video and minimal use of instruments in the background, brings out the emotions set in place with a refreshing take on a fun night out. She excels at putting the thoughts and lyricism into visuals that take the song to another level.

The catchy chorus “Take me to the after party/ Where it’s just you and I/ At the afterparty/ We can dance ‘till we die” with its fast-paced momentum is one listeners can listen to anywhere they go and strong enough to see its way into a music chart. The refreshing sounds make this an all around feel-good track that can stick around for many years to come!

The music video for “Afterparty” shows Esthy in front of a green screen narrarating a story about going on an adventure and going to the afterparty after a night of full of genuine fun. Her stage presence is unforgettable as she has enjoys every second of being in front of the camera dancing along with her own beats and lyrics.

If she was nervous at all, the world would never know! Make sure to watch the music video below and let us know your thoughts!

“Afterparty” comes after the release of “Clearing You Out,” the first Pop hit she released more than a year ago, yet showcases her musical ability and likeness in the music industry.

Just like with “Afterparty,” this single focuses on creating a good time for listeners and helping them forget their problems for a short time. This is the first real taste of Esthy in the Pop world and it definitely doesn’t dissapoint! It cleared the way for her recent release to help find her sound and persona amongst the popular world of Pop.

With Esthy’s music, there’s no doubt listeners will instantly be singing along while dancing alone in their rooms in front of the mirror. Esthy has already created timeless fun and catchy music for everyone to enjoy. Listen to “Afterparty” below:

Once you’ve listened to the catchy single “Afterparty,” stay tuned for her debut EP, which is set to release in early 2020. Make sure to follow her journey on Instagram at @esthyofficial!


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