Etoile Marley – “Lock It Down”

Etoile Marley finds inspiration in the current epidemic through her newest single “Lock It Down” featuring a slick Jazzy Hip Hop tune bringing good vibes to this disastrous topic that has changed the world this year.

The London based songwriter finds inspiration from artists such as Dusty Springfield, Jeff Buckley, M.I.A and Portishead to implement their distinctive sounds into her dark Pop meets bluesy Rock tune. “Lock It Down” is also the title of her upcoming six-track EP available on November 27.

The feel-good single featuring an addicting jazzy riff shifts the entire energy from a mournful standpoint to someone standing up for the country with the powerful lyrics, “I’m a lover and a fighter/ Not divided, I’m together/ I Break the chains to lockitdown.”

It includes the edginess of Hip-Hop with a catchy pop songwriting style that ignite listeners to replay the song over and over again! Etoile mentions, “At the start of UK Lockdown, I knew I wanted to write about it in some way. My initial feeling was that of frustration and a bit of doom and gloom!”

If you enjoyed listening to this single, check out her previous R&B/Soul single “Cuffing Season.” Stay tuned for the release of Etoile Marley’s upcoming EP Lock It Down coming November 27!


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