Ezmusgita – “Modelete”

Imagine searching through your PS4 for a new video game and an electrifying, retro song emerges in the background when you click on a preview. Intrigued, you find the artist and instantly dive deep into discovering who she is and she put this song together.

Although it’s difficult to crack the mysteriousness of musician, Ezmusgita, fans all over the world have found comfort in her newest energizing and videogame-like EDM single, “Modelete.”

This new, revitalizing piece of electronic dance music is dark and mysterious, yet an uplifting track that puts Ezmusgita on the map as one of the top rising artists to watch out for in the EDM music scene. “Modelete”is the kind of music you’d love to listen to while playing video games due to its addicting elements that create laser focus in anyone who listens.

The synths have a calming, yet futuristic ambience filled with the ability to seamlessly bring people together through the love of music. Listen to the track yourself and let us know your thoughts!

Check out this link for a list of streaming platforms where you can listen to “Modelete.” Follow Ezmusgita on Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram for upcoming releases!


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