Pop/Electronic artist FALL or FLIGHT has released the music video for “dESIRE,” the second single from their rUDIMENTARY EP. Along with the mesmerizing new music video, there will be a visualizer released and the next three installments of the FALL or FLIGHT TikTok anime.

The synth Pop single “dESIRE” speaks about the desire to be with someone after realizing there is a genuine connection between the two individuals. The high female vocals confidently clash with the EDM styled electronic beats that gives this single a light and airy feeling inspiring us to move onto the dance floor to dance the night away with that special person. It also creates a deeper desire to reach out to that special person and fight for the relationship that hasn’t been made official just yet.

The heroine in the single falters through the intense emotions of experiencing defeat over how a relationship is developing yet flirtatiously aims to challenge her lover to come forward to take their relationship to a higher level of commitment. She has her mind set on keeping this fun relationship going and paves the way for an exciting journey with this second single off the EP.

“dESIRE” is part of the EP rUDIMENTARY that first released back in September. The EP features an intriguing run-through of two people meeting and navigating their way towards a fun and committed relationship that ends in a way we may have not been expecting. FALL or FLIGHT turns each song into an exciting revelation of how love can grow in a quick way as well as how possible it is for everything to end as quickly as it has started.

The Jazzy/Chillwave opener “tHE eMBRYONIC” examines the blossoming emotions growing between both people, moving onto “dESIRE” where the desire to be together keeps growing, to the Afrobeat single “2 tOUCH U” expressing their desires to be intimate with one another, to the Pop/Emo track “bEFORE tHE eND” preparing them for the end of the flirtatious couple before heading into the final song “iS oVER,” finalizing the love affair over a satisfying Trap beat.

The music video features scenes of a couple in Los Angeles spending an afternoon together in a town fair. The infatuation between the both of them continues to grow as they spend more time in each other’s presence and seeing how they both function separately. There are in between shots of flowers blooming, psychedelic art, and arcade rides detailing the closeness of their relationship after this date in the cold afternoon.

Find “dESIRE” off of the EP rUDIMENTARY on all music streaming platforms! Also, make sure to check out the newly released music video and the FALL or FLIGHT anime exclusively on TikTok!


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