FALL Or FLIGHT Release Impressive New EP “rUDIMENTARY”

Not many artists hold your attention within the first few seconds like FALL or FLIGHT does! The Pop/Electronic artist FALL or FLIGHT turns their projects into captivating creations that send listeners into another universe unexpecting of what will come from the adventure. It’s the unknowingness that brings in a sense of intrigue and mystery to their songs.

Their upcoming five-song EP “rUDIMETARY” will be available this Friday, September 25th, 2020 featuring five new tracks displaying the process of finding and keeping a genuine love. Since this is their first EP, they’re ready to share the transformative journey of falling in love with the world while digging into what makes FALL or FLIGHT incredibly unique. It’s a project that includes a variety of musical genres while keeping true to their signature sounds.

The intriguing concept begins with the live instrumentation of the Jazzy/Chillwave “tHE eMBRYONIC” that brings into fruition those slow-moving emotions felt between two people, then moving on to the Synth Pop “dESIRE” speaking about the desire to be with one another once they realize that they have a genuine connection. The Afrobeat single “2 tOUCH U” creates a dance-worthy track bringing listeners from all over the world together. It’s one of the more upbeat tracks that solidifies the relationship while they both find their own sensual interests.  Following is the Pop/Emo track “bEFORE tHE eND” setting the mood for a feeling that can be felt but not completely spoken, before ending with the project’s final song “iS oVER,” which finalizes the love affair over a satisfying Trap beat that listeners can dance along to while listening to the sad lyrics about the ending.

The fourth track “bEFORE tHE eND” will be accompanied by a music video and the first 3 parts to a custom TikTok/Instagram Reels anime short. As one of the tracks on the EP showing how the relationship is slowly coming to a close, we can only imagine how interesting the visuals will be! Prepare to be amazed by the incredible visuals portraying the spaceman, FALL or FLIGHT, getting back to Earth to reunite with his lover once again.

Although the EP may not end on an overpoweringly positive note, we’re taken through a metamorphic journey where we see how emotions can change in an instant while finding ourselves dancing along to each upbeat sound. It’s not a completely sad collection of songs that keep you feeling stuck in your emotions. FALL or FLIGHT ensures to keep the energy light while discussing matters of the heart for listeners to identify with while moving along to the rhythms.

FALL or FLIGHT have always created an engaging experience both sonically and visually that inspires listeners to ultimately go after what they want. Their vision for their music is rare to find with the concept of the spaceman seeking out his love intriguing us from the very beginning. If you’re interested in hearing their past releases, check it out here! Look out for the incredible release of their debut EP “rUDIMENTARY” available today!



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