FALL or FLIGHT Release Their Newest Double Single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR”

FALL or FLIGHT, the anonymous creator of the EP rUDIMENTARY releases their newest double single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” with a two-sided perspective on first developing an ever-lasting infatuation between two people who desire to be with one another and then focusing on building a serious relationship after all the emotions are out in the clear.

The Pop and Electronic artist FALL or FLIGHT builds off of an auspicious desire to share their point of view on the togetherness of two people coming together in times of separation when it appears seemingly impossible. Their previously released songs all include their own kind of twist with sounds bridging the gap between Synth Pop, Jazzy/Chillwave, Afrobeat, and Emo-styled instrumental beats. The variety in sounds is what makes FALL or FLIGHT an intriguing artist to keep in your radar this year.

Both songs in the double single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” chronicle the emotive states of ending a relationship as well as emerging from the shadows to start a brand new beginning with someone. The romanticism displayed is brought to life with lively instrumentals embracing Afro Pop and West Coast type beats to balance out the ideals of love with distinctive sounds heard throughout their discography. Each single creates a vivid image of the imaginable dance between having one foot in the door and the other outside as they can’t anticipate what will happen next. Someone wants to leave a relationship but knowing they’re going to stay in the end because it’s that important to them.

Instead of a traditional music video release, there are two intriguing visualizers created by visual artist fushia.blue, as well as the next three parts of the animated story on their TikTok, and Instagram gridded post along with the release. The single’s teasers are genuinely some of the most creative and vibrant pieces of art created for a music release. Its visually appealing masterpieces show the enhanced colors shine as their anonymous astronaut finds themselves in a chained position alluding to the strong love felt for the female character.

As always, FALL or FLIGHT channels inevitable occasions that cause a long-lasting effect on two people set to the alternating rhythmic sounds that keep listeners grooving along to each beat. Their ability to produce music that’s both thought-provoking and encouraging listeners to get up and dance along is something to look forward to whenever they release a new single!

The single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” follows the release of rUDIMENTARY, creating a sense of intrigue and mystery to their five-track EP filled with anecdotes explaining the process of finding and keeping a love that is genuine. Listeners are taken through a metamorphic journey of love as the spilled emotions change in an instant throughout the songs jam-packed with differing upbeat sounds keeping listeners hooked to their every word.

“tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” is now available on all streaming platforms! Make sure to follow them online and share this double single with someone today.


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