Fam Band – “Escape from Ohio”

It’s an exciting time for Ohio-based band, Fam Band, who are set to release their latest single, “Escape from Ohio.” This release comes as the first of a set list of singles coming this year to get listeners acquainted with them and their sound.

Inspired by a small vacation they had away from Ohio, the duo reminisces on being able to escape their comfortable surroundings and enjoying their time together without any responsibilities. Since music was always something that united Brandon and Kai together, their talent and big aspirations to succeed led them to using their voices to connect with others.

You can look forward to a new track dropping every first Friday of the following next few months. Look out for the following releases: “Escape from Ohio” on July 3, “Promoter Junk” on August 7, “We Never Cared” on September 4, “Pushing On” ft. Frankly Speaking on October 2. 

Fam Band is quickly coming and ready to share their music with everyone who will listen! Stream their past releases “Shotgun” and “Goes Down” right here!


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  1. Great article and sweet tracks :). The new track “escape from Ohio” is out on Spotify now. You should add the player to the article.

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