Fidelis Remembers To Strive For His Biggest Dreams In “Want This”

Singer-songwriter Fidelis blends poetic storytelling with melodies in the memorable new single “Want This” alongside a brilliantly creative visualizer. He takes pride in his musical creations as he’s someone who strives to share his love for music with people who feel lost and uninspired, people living with the fear of the unknown, and the dreamers all over the world who use music as a form of escape.

Lyrically, “Want This” is inspired by the daily struggles of pursuing our wildest dreams. Each verse shares the intricate thoughts of vowing to push himself as hard as he can in order to achieve all of his dreams while also showing his listeners that it’s possible to dream big and accomplish everything we want. His particular story of dealing with the pain of not seeing his desires come into fruition when expected draws into a deeper reflection of his own journey and why he even started pursuing certain dreams in the first place. Its relatable lyricism inspires us to look deeper into our own life paths and find ways to continue pushing for any dreams that may be stalled.

Fidelis recognizes that when music becomes a valued form of expression, the most incredible creations can be made. A calming guitar loop is set in place in this debut single merging together with the reflective lyrics such as “Yeah I remember, why I still want this/ Should I give it all up/ Maybe I’ll change my bad luck/ I live with all my demons/ Feels like it’s never enough/ Can I not just give in/ But then I remember, why I still want this.” Each soothing verse highlights the powerful message of still wanting this particular dream and going after it no matter how difficult the path turns out to be in the end.

The visualizer shows Fidelis standing in his own element in all black clothing, standing in front of a hanging microphone in a COLORS style allowing his voice and presence to shine away from the bright orange and purple hues in the background. The video creates a feeling of a tight embrace as if his soothing vocals and calming presence is giving listeners a giant hug and the much-needed message to continue moving forward.

Born in Nigeria and raised in London, Fidelis is easily capturing audiences all over the world with his debut single “Want This” connecting his life experiences, heritage, and reflections into coherent stories influenced by the sounds of Pink Sweats, Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith. He’s been able to find his own genuine sound through the journey of writing songs and learning how to play instruments.

“Want This” is the first taste of the familiar sound we’ll be hearing as time progresses and his stories become well-produced songs waiting to be heard by the world. Fidelis is full of stories to share and will surely find a captivating way to share it with us. Stream the soulful ballad “Want This” everywhere and keep up with Fidelis online:


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