Finessen Creates His Dream Life By Focusing On “JUST FAITH”

Atlanta based independent artist Finessen finds himself smiling every day as he remains appreciative of all of the blessings he’s gained over the years while keeping the faith that he was going to make it big one day. In “Just Faith,” Finessen finds solace in the moments of faith that keep pushing him forwards in life.

The short two-minute single introduces a moment of gratitude with memorable lyrics “remember when there was nothing in the bank/ like, okay/ now there’s 50 in the safe,” smooth Trap/Lo-fi beats keeping a steady beat for him to share his insightful thoughts over, and sharp mellow vocals celebrating all of his successes. Although we wish the single was longer than it is, it perfectly illustrates his message of resilience with a dope flow hyping up his listeners to continue pushing for their biggest dreams.

The release comes along with inspiring visuals of a younger Finessen and this final message: when there’s nothing else you can do with any situation you’re experiencing, just have faith that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to in the future because things will always change.


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