Foolish Senpai – “Rotating Thoughts” Ft. Eric Castiglia

Foolish Senpai brings along his supportive community in “Rotating Thoughts” to discuss the thoughts he feels about hustling through our lives while having to deal with sorrowful situations we can’t even fathom or want to remember.

Somehow those events of hardships in the community including violence, deaths, and general disparities keep occuring no matter what and it can leave us feeling hopeless about the future. As distraught as Foolish Senpai sounds on the track, his raw emotions shine.

Rock and Metal based Italian artist, Eric Castiglia, appears to showcase the pain Foolish Senpai is feeling. The dark ambience doesn’t clash with the dark, moody emotions shown from the very start, instead they form intense visuals that clearly portray his story.

The mixture of Hip-Hop beats with elements of Rock music create a smooth sounding track that hits the listeners deeply. Check out the music video down below:

Every new release from Foolish Senpai offers a diverse look into his life experiences that many listeners can relate to after listening to his songs. His capability of constructing emotional yet relatable songs goes unnoticed as his fanbase grows with him and show constant support.


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