Forrest Hill – “River of Stars”

Singer-songwriter Forrest Hill releases an enticing blend of indie music with elements of folk, pop and alternative rock in his latest album. River of Stars comes as a personal perspective of the human condition and what he’s learned from his meditation practices.

Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Mumford & Sons, Forrest Hill has crafted a beautifully, creative album. Lyrically, it challenges everything that’s believed about the life we live while remaining truthful to his views.

River of Stars focuses on the search for the meaning of life while seeing the beauty of it all. Some of the highlights include “Sacred Ground,” “New Horizon,” “A Part Of Me,” and “Guardian Angel” perfectly encompasses his feelings of love and appreciation for everything in the world.

Forrest has been posting engaging live performances from home these past few weeks where he breaks down each song from the album. Check out some of the posts:

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Guardian Angel – a song about helping others. Who is your guardian angel? The universe is going to send you someone that will rescue you. Then one day you will rescue them in return and together your story will rescue others. To be a Guardian Angel you only need to believe that you are part of something greater than your own small story. . . . . . . #athome #shelterinplace #livefromhome #acousticversion #musichealsthesoul #livemusic #indiefolk #soloperformance #acousticmusic #forrestofficial #napa #napavalley #rehegoomusic #originalsongs #musicheals #quarantinemusic #quarantinetunes #musiciansofinstagram #diymusician #originalmusic #independentartist #musicforthesoul #musicheals #guardianangel

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Birds Fly To Heaven – The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmos. As far as we know it’s the only place that harbors life. To me, this underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to bring more love into the world. We are here for a speck of time. We can wallow in hate and prejudice, fear and ignorance, or we can open our hearts to all beings and find our own light. We need the courage to face our personal and cultural shadows, in order to wake up. That can be a painful process especially for those of us who have benefited from an unjust system, but it is the only way forward for life. Change is hard, but in the end I believe love will save the day. : : : : #athome #shelterinplace #livefromhome #acousticversion #musichealsthesoul #livemusic #indiefolk #soloperformance #acousticmusic #forrestofficial #napa #napavalley #rehegoomusic #originalsongs #musicheals #quarantinemusic #quarantinetunes #musiciansofinstagram #diymusician #originalmusic #independentartist #musicforthesoul #musicheals

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River of Stars is one of Forrest Hill’s best releases! It’s full of amazing energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and a fresh of breath air in the indie/folk rock music scene. We highly recommend you listen to this album!


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  1. Thank you Evelin for the wonderful review. I really appreciate the kind words. I love that you included a few of my live at home Coronavirus series :-). Best wishes to you and Music Trails. Stay healthy…Forrest

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