Frazer Lepford – “Have A Word With Your Heart”

Singer-songwriter Frazer Lepford dedicates “Have A Word With Your Heart” as a love letter to someone who let him down and broke his heart. The single includes an upbeat synth instrumental transforming the melancholic story into a danceable, moving track that listeners can find relatable.

He kindly leaves behind a message of hope that she will change in order to avoid causing pain to someone else as well as developing a stronger sense of self-worth to fully walk away. “Have A Word With Your Heart” fuses a refreshing blend of soul, folk, and indie-pop as he dives into a mournful melody about moving past the heartbreak.

While maintaining a brutally honest view of the entire situation, Frazer Lepford doesn’t shy away from sharing his experiences in the most sincere way possible. The lively guitar riffs and gruff styled vocals redefine his sound into a fresh new single that can become timeless for many years to come.

His fourth single “Have A Word With Your Heart” is opening up the world of connecting with listeners through his influential music. Its poised presentation is in a way bringing us closer to the musician filled with many stories ready to come into fruition. Stay tuned for more releases coming our way!

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