FUKM – “Bombs Away”

Classic punk/garage band from the Bay Area, FUKM, share their latest album Bombs Away, which establish an unprecedented and distinct sound while combining Punk with Rock n’ Roll.

Founded by Joe Fink Vox (vocals), Greg Elliott Guitar (lead guitar), Mikey Merritt (bass), and Jay Scott (drums), FUKM is a mixture of Punk Rock, Rock n’ Roll and Hardcore perfectly meshed together. Each member brings a unique sense of energy, skill and talent into the band.

In their concerts, fans can expect FUKM’s live shows to have an intense burst of energy & impeccable stage presence, always leaving fans with an unforgettable experience. They’re all about bringing their high energy, good-time Rock n’ Roll music to people all around the world.

Bombs Away features 11 tracks for fans to jam out to with their buddies. Tracks like “Road Kill,” “Washed Up, “Let’s Get High & F**k,” and “The Knife” are some of the highlights on the album for us, with distinct use of their instruments, vocal ranges and imagery used in their lyics.

Their longest single “The Knife” includes their signature guitar solos with amped up screams that instantly hype up their audiences. It’s easily one of the favorites with the range of vocals and instruments used in the background.

FUKM’s Bombs Away is all about having a good time and forgetting your problems for a few hours in the day. Check out the album down below and let us know which one is your favorite track!


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