G Fields feat 9AM – “A Change is Gonna Come”

AMS Music Executives releases their own jawdropping rendition of Sam Cooke’s 1963 single “Change Is Gonna Come” in dedication to the Black Lives Matter movement and all of the changes made in the past few months.

Musicians G Fields and 9AM impress listeners with their soulful vocals and breathtaking use of the saxophone. They’ve turned this classic song into a triumphant message that can continue to be an inspiration to Black Lives Matter currently in 2020. The minimalistic music video includes both G Fields and 9AM singing in a fluorescent red filled recording studio in ATL, footage of people marching for the movement, and relevant moments in history.

With a single use of the saxophone, drums, and piano, “Change Is Gonna Come” shines along with 9AM’s soulful and profound vocals. Check out the original Sam Cooke version here.

Signed to Warner Bros. in 1995, G. Fields has continued to leave his mark on the music industry. Look out for his debut album Soul on Ice set to release in early 2021! Keep up with AMS Music Executives, a record label that continues to drop timeless music touching on topics relevant to today’s society!

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