Gabrielknowseverything – “She Ain’t the Same”

Gabrielknowseverything tilts our focus from twangy guitars intertwined with a dark, moody vibe to the deeply emotive track “She Ain’t the Same” to feel everything he feels about a specific girl.

Musician Gabrielknowseverything impressively creates an intoxicating journey of going through an array of melodramatic emotions while his vocals creates a compelling vision in what he could call it, a Cobain-style track. As someone who tries to connect with listeners on a deeper level way below the surface, he describes being with a female who has changed over time and is difficult for him to figure her out.

His ranging vocals creates a stunningly intense soundscape starting with a low voice then slowly turning his focus into displaying how his high range can blend perfectly with the mellow, dark emotions he feels. “She Ain’t the Same” lyrically demonstrates how he’s always changed with this distorted image of her.

The Palestinian-American alternative artist developed his sound in his home town of Central FL back in 2016 after experiencing traumatic moments with mental illness. Since then, he has massed nearly 500,000 streams. Gabrielknowseverything is bound to capture your attention as he continues to develop his craft and connect with music lovers all over the world.

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