Ganja Gang Release “Cool Guys in Paris” Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Based in Los Angeles, Ganja Gang started as a creative outlet, for the past couple of years, we’ve garnered a following locally and on Soundcloud, playing live shows and building name recognition. Thus, Ganja Gang became more than a passion project, and the rest is history. The impetus to write “Cool Guys In Paris” was the desire to make a song outside our usual hip-hop and rap genre. We wanted to pay homage to the indie and alt-rock musicians we grew up listening to, the songs we learned and played in burgeoning garage bands, and the concerts to which we invited family, friends, neighbors, and neighbors’ pets. “Cool Guys in Paris” is us; it’s the melody in our head that we associate with youth in the San Fernando Valley. Fantasizing about being bigger than we could ever imagine, while unconsciously realizing our potential. Here’s an introductory single to our upcoming album. Hope you like our story, dear listener. We plan to release an album in June of 2021.

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