Gary Burk III – “You Got Me”

Pittsburgh Country singer and guitarist Gary Burk III has released his single “You Got Me” off his forthcoming EP Show Em What You Got.

Gary Burk III has smooth vocals that bring to life every word he sings. As soon as the song with its accompanying visuals begin, it’s evident this single will become the favorite of many people. “You Got Me” is a relaxed, catchy single that stands out among other Country artists in the similar vocal range.

The lyric video for “You Got Me” is incredibly romantic with images of different couples being sweet and loving with one another. It fits the theme of love that he wants to share. Burk’s chorus is catchy and with lyrics like “So baby, this ain’t maybe/ Cause I ain’t ever gonna leave/ Girl, you got me”

It’s truly inspiring and heartwarming as each scene details a long life with their partners. It’s everything we could’ve expected for a song like this.

This single is the complete opposite of his previous release, “Friday Night,” which has more of a rock and roll-meets-country vibe to it. This latest release leaves fans wanting more and creates further anticipation for his upcoming releases, which may come sooner than we think.

“You Got Me” was written by Mason Douglas, vocals by Gary Burk III, and recorded by Meatlocker Recording Studio. If you’re in the mood for light, heartfelt music, make sure to watch the video for “You Got Me” and share it with your special somebody!


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